Unlocking My Intuition – Part 4

I’m going to interrupt the nice linear narrative of the “Unlocking My Intuition” series to do one of the things I do best—simplify and de-scary something. Specifically, energy and intuitive insights.

The storyteller in me wants to hold the facts from you and keep you with bated breath, allowing you to experience my confusion and aha moments alongside me as they unfolded. But I think the story will have greater impact if I break some energy principles down for you right now.

Everyone is born with energetic and intuitive skills.

Think of it like singing. 99.9999% of the population is physically capable of singing. A few were born with perfect pitch and the ability to instinctively harmonize. If you were born into a musical family, you were more likely to have your singing utilized, and therefore refined, on a regular basis. If you were in an environment where singing was celebrated, you were fast tracked in your singing confidence for sure. 

For those of us who weren’t born with the fine-tuned starting point and ideal musical nurturing environment, we still belt out our favorite song when we’re alone in the car. It’s not that we can’t sing, it’s that we haven’t had the practice to do it effortlessly, on key, and in rhythm. Therefore, we lack confidence to sing publicly.

Just like your ability to sing, energetic abilities are hardwired into your nervous system. Anyone can learn to tap into their intuition and feel what is coming next. Your intuitive insights may not come as quickly or in the same way they show up for others, but you were born with the wiring to tap into that unseen web of intuitive information.  The more you practice working with it, the more confidence you will have to act on the information.

You are your own powerful transmitter which moves energy incomprehensibly far and fast, outside of the confines of our five-senses.

Think of the sun. It’s really f-ing far away. 94.483 million miles kind of far. And even though the sun is so far away our brains can’t really comprehend the distance, we know the feeling of the sun’s warmth and light after a string of cold, gray days.

The sun’s power is constant and undisputable, and a lot of that power is invisible to our five-senses. Your naked eye can’t distinguish a UVB ray, but that invisible UVB sun power can still burn you until your skin blisters.  

Every single person is like a unique mini sun. Your personal energy can and does travel vast distances, nourishing or inflaming everything it comes in contact with.

We focus our power with our thoughts and intentions.

When sunlight is focused through a magnifying glass, it’s consolidated intensity can be directed for a specific use.

The holder of the magnifying glass has a choice about how to apply that laser-like energy. One person will use that magnifying glass to start a fire to cook a delicious meal out of foraged food on an au natural camping trip with their friends. Another person will use the magnifying glass to commit arson.

Your thoughts are the magnifying glass. Your intentions are how you direct the power. You can strengthen mental muscles to intentionally focus your energy. When you apply clear focus and simultaneously tune out excess noise and distractions, you are more likely to tap into clear intuitive guidance and direct your energy to a specific goal.

Energy, science, magic, and religion are all getting at the same thing, they just come at it from different angles with alternate vocabularies.

I’ve been looking at my intuitive and energetic experiences through every lens I could find, and they all say the same things in different ways. We have the ability to tap into a higher consciousness that connects us to all information. We contain the universe within us, and therefore all of the answers are inside us. With time and practice we learn to feel, look, and listen for the information that is most important to us at this stage in our evolution.

Depending on how you were raised and what you’ve been exposed to you may only have one vocabulary to approach the concept—but over the past few years I’ve realized mirror neurons and chakra cords feel the same, as do, energy fields and auras, as do, misbeliefs and spells.

Personally, I don’t care what someone calls these skills. I care that everyone is hardwired with the ability to tap into them. As toddlers, when we realized legs were for walking, we gave it a try. It feels perfectly natural that this is another skill we’re supposed to explore and utilize to the best of our ability.

We each experience energy and intuitive communication in a way that resonates with us personally.

The teachers I’ve worked with have described feeling energy and reading messages in ways that differ from my own experience. They have confirmed that all of their students have a unique way of perceiving energy and receiving intuitive guidance.

I feel energy like sonar or vibrations—physical pulsations against my skin. I can feel it along my fingertips like tingling, and it’s easier for me to sense it when I close my eyes. When I feel energy expanding, I’ve learned it’s a positive indicator, contraction is a bad sign.

Occasionally I get a very clear visual when I meditate. When this happens, I’ll have my eyes closed, but see purple that looks like smoke or T.V. static. The purple then resolves into a clear image (i.e., a house on fire, a wolf, an eye opening, etc.) that lasts for a few seconds.

Intuitive insights often come to me in music form, which makes sense as music has always been an integral part of my life. One day an insight showed up on the day I was trying to decide what role Energy Besty was meant to play in my life. Our past was complicated, and I was confused. A song by The Brunettes came on as I pondered this dilemma. Normally, I don’t notice the names of songs, but for some reason the title caught my attention These Things Take Time. When The White Stripes popped up next with, We’re Going to Be Friends. I started laughing. Energy Besty and I were intended to be friends, and it was going to take some time.

The way information gets delivered to you will be as unique as your life story. Over the next few posts, I’ll continue to share my story and how I began to decipher the clues laid before me. My hope is you’ll benefit from my creative curiosity, writing inclinations, and ability to simplify and de-scary things, so when your next personal clue lands in your lap you’ll recognize it and follow it all the way to your next grand adventure.

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