Unlocking My Intuition – Part 5

One more post on an energy basic, and then we’ll get back to the main story. In Part 4, I mentioned: “The way information gets delivered to you will be as unique as your life story.”

My coaching clients love when I give specific examples, so this week I’m going to show you how info showed up for me the first time I fell into accurate predictions. I’m also going to show you one of the ways I actively look for information now.

Back in January of 2020, when I made all of those Part 1 predictions, I was sitting in the exact same chair and living room where I am writing this post. As I read through the book, I completed the author’s exercises by observing the very normal, everyday things around me: Two cats diplomatically ignoring one another six feet out of my reach. Cicadas yowling outside the window. The feeling of a cool breeze across the top of my feet. An outlet cover. The sound of the dishwasher starting a new cycle.

I simply noticed the small details and movements around me, recorded them in a list, and if a story or narrative popped into my head, or a feeling or emotion showed up as I looked around the room, I wrote that down too.

I literally pulled the future out of the air by looking at what was right in front of me.

When the first prediction proved to be true, I understood immediately that we could pull information from anything that was placed in front of us. All I needed was a question, willingness to be open to any answer, the ability to observe closely, and the freedom to explore where my attention may wander.  

(Decoding those answers… that’s a whole different post. This post is about learning to open your senses & be open to the possibility of receiving messages as soon as possible in any way, shape, or form. We’ll get to decoding eventually.)

You don’t need tea leaves, or pendulums, runes, or tarot cards to pick up a message, the Universe will work with what’s right in front of you.  But, sifting through all of the information can get overwhelming, which is people turn to tools like tea leaves, pendulums, runes, tarot cards, and more.

Tarot cards are the short cut that was sent to me.

I was introduced to tarot at a writers’ retreat in 2019. I’d never touched a deck prior to that because mom had firmly instilled in me that tarot was the work of the devil. The workshop leader was using tarot as a way to unlock writing blocks. Each card has a strong visual image, and we were to use the cards to prompt our imagination about the stories we were working on. I liked the idea (because writers like any idea if it will cure writers block) and decided I would buy a deck if I ever found one.

I entered a sprawling, three-story bookstore the next day. I’d never been in the store before but felt a bee line gravitational pull toward a table in a back corner of the store. On the table was a deck of tarot cards designed by a tattoo artist. I bought them and didn’t give it much thought until predictions started coming true.

Realizing the potential strength of my intuition made me look at my tarot deck more closely. I asked some friends if they wanted readings. Each reading let me weave together a story about the strong visuals on the card. It felt like play, writing, and mystery solving, but in a rambling style where I never really understood where the story was going.

Tarot was a way for me to practice and strengthen my intuitive skills. It narrowed my focus, and let me develop my own shorthand in symbolic messaging. It gave me a way to interact with other people and for them to report back on my accuracy. The external confirmations helped me feel like I wasn’t crazy or delusional and led me to work up the courage to go public with my energetic skills. It also (through the strong urging of my business coach) helped me face my fear of being seen in the public eye over at tarot4creatives on Instagram.

Now, tarot is a tool I use to decode messages faster, but I welcome messages in any way they pop up.

You will find your own tools and you will see answers in ways that resonate with you. Remember, everything and anything can be used to send a message. It’s your job to tune in so you can receive it.

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