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Inquiring Minds Wanna Know: This Is What I Do

A while ago my BFF sent me this Instagram reel and it had me crying laughing.

(In case the link doesn’t work the gist of the reel is “I have no idea what my best friend does for her job.”) And, while it still makes me laugh ’til I cry, I realized I may have a problem if people don’t know what I actually do for a living.

So at the unintentional prompting of my besty, I plan to share a post a couple of times a year that tells people what I do & how they can work with me.

What I do: I’m a writer & a life/business coach. I help creatives’ own their worth through coaching, speaking, and teaching classes. My specialty is helping writers become  happier & more creative as they increase productivity & live their dreams.

Who I work with: Creatives of all disciplines. Writers, artists, musicians, dancers, actors, etc. If creativity is at the core of what you put out in the world I’m your coach.

How I help: 

  • One-on-one coaching sessions. Sessions are a mix of digging into your brain to see what trash talk it’s saying to keep you from moving forward in your art + looking at your habits and behaviors to find ways to improve your consistency/productivity. The best way to see if coaching is for you is to book a free session.
  • Group coaching and on-demand classes through my company The Creative’s Apprentice.
  • Providing a dream-enabling community on Patreon. Co-working sessions connect you with other people working to make their dreams come into a reality. Behind-the-scenes workshops get you info before anyone else. And for graduates of my Slay Your Dream Assassins/Positive Intelligence classes you can access monthly group coaching.
  • Motivational & educational speaking on creativity, writing, living your dreams, mindset hurdles, habit change, and more. You can get a feel for my speaking style over at the Earballs Interview Library.

(Thanks to my BFF for making me laugh AND helping me clarify what I do for people. Love you!)

If you haven’t booked your free coaching session yet, please do so! Serious face.

I love getting to learn more about you and help you. Also, if you’ve had a session & want to gift the experience to a friend please send them my booking link & tell them what you enjoyed about working with me!

Your financial support keeps me writing!
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