Why’s it so hard to add one little word?

Every year or so I update my bio. My career evolves constantly, so the bio has to evolve too. Typically the process takes about ten minutes. Delete editor, replace with coach or some other minor easy tweak.

This year the process has taken ten times longer than the prior years, and it’s all because of one little word I added–intuitive.

It took me three years to accept I had a unique skill set, and to be honest there are days I’m still trying to get comfortable with the whole situation. I knew how hard it was for me to accept, and I knew that would mean others would have a hard time with it as well. 

I knew going public would alienate me from some and arouse curiosity in others, and that’s exactly what happened. June of 2023 I went public with my energy learnings and intuitive skills. As anticipated, I promptly lost a large portion of subscribers and clients. 

Early this year, I sent my non-fiction book proposal to my agent and had to include an ABOUT ME section. And, since the book I’m writing has to do with creative energy, my newly public  intuitive skills were a key part of my credentials. 

I teach clients that owning your creative power starts with admitting publicly you are a creative. So here’s my formal, public admission of everything I’m ready to own right now. 

Jessica Conoley is a writer, intuitive, coach, & speaker. She founded The Creative’s Apprentice to help creatives (writers/musicians/artists/etc.) learn how to build their businesses in a mentally healthy, sustainable manner. She teaches how our personal body of creative work is the key that unlocks individual intuitive guidance, allowing us to step into our full creative power and highest potential.

A certified life & business coach, Jessica simplifies and de-scarys the transition from hobbyist to paid creative. As a writer she has faced the doubts, fears, and misbeliefs her clients struggle with; her personal experience helps show creatives how to navigate the Unknown and find happiness through each stage of their career. Her goal is to obliterate the myths of the starving artist and suffering in the name of art. Jessica’s specialty is helping creatives own their worth, increase confidence, & savor the reality of living their dreams.

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