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Writing update, FREE conference next weekend, & new ways to work with me.

September 1st, I started by writing for 5 minutes. I’ve been adding a minute a day.  Today my goal is 22 minutes, and writing this update you is going to help me get my sticker for the day. Pre-losing mom I worked in 25 minute writing blocks. I’d do between 1-4 twenty-five-writing-blocks five days a week. May take me a few months to get back to that level, but I’ll get there.

(Over on Instagram I’ve been posting daily accountability posts detailing how I’ve been getting back into work mode.)

The first day I worked on the fiction I’ve been sharing through Patreon. But 90% of the days have been spent on business/non-fiction writing. I have 16 months of business catch-up to do so there’s A LOT of writing & course creation to move off the back burner.

I was accepted to a grant program two months ago for a coaching methodology related to mental fitness. I wrapped that class up last week and found it to be HUGELY beneficial in those weeks when I was under a ton of stress and anxiety and dealing with grief.  Because it was so immediately beneficial to my mental health, I’ve decided to get certified as a Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach.

My coaching program was very strong in business and writing craft, but the mental health component is something I really wanted to lean into for all of my clients. The integration of PQ into my group programs is the final component I needed and I’m really excited roll it out to my classes. My goal is to help people achieve their creative dreams AND be happy/enjoy life while they’re doing it.

OK, here’s what’s coming up that you can learn from:

  • This is a class for anyone who wants to improve their mental health. I’m running a 6 week pilot class of just the mental health component. Class is beginning early October, and I have two more seats available. You’ll do a large portion of it self-directed via an app on your phone. I’ll facilitate a group meeting once a week. Again, this is not a writer specific thing, but writers what we learn happens to apply directly to character motivation & should help you with character arcs. If you want to join the mental fitness class email me ASAP. Class starts 10/8/22.


  • FREE writers conferences October 1st & mid-November. Both need registration. You can attend both virtually. I have all the details for you over at The Creative’s Apprentice blog.


  • January 2023 is when our next 16 week Group Author Coaching class begins. It WILL include the new mental health integration and a TON of other stuff. If you’re even mildly curious go to this blog post, scroll to the Group Author Coaching session and see all the stuff you learn.  Then book a discovery call with me or Natasha. Space is limited. I’m telling you guys about it before I start doing all these conferences and new people start asking for a spot.


  • April 27, 2023 I have THE biggest teaching opportunity I’ve ever had in my life. I’ll release details later, but I’ve been working on this for two years. And when I got the invitation I had a proper hard-core call everyone I know moment (and then I cried for a day-and-a-half because I couldn’t tell my mom. Grief comes when you least expect it.) If you’ve never seen me before a live audience this is the place to come, this is a huge level-up for me and I would love to have your friendly face in the Zoom crowd.

Once I’ve ramped up to full speed writing levels again this newsletter may resume on a more consistent basis. In the meantime thanks for supporting me, and I hope you have a great day!

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