Fiction Writing

My fiction is full of dark, twisty worlds with resilient characters and smart kids, time that acts in stacks instead of lines, and nods to 80’s action films. Romance only shows up if the relationship’s already gone terribly awry. Readers say my worlds remind them of Mad Max and Studio Ghibli; I humbly accept the comparison.

I write fiction for the same reason I read it. To escape my day-to-day and to face emotions I’m not yet able to process in reality. I’d happily spend decades creating my worlds and letting my characters unveil their secrets, but once a contract and deadline is on the table my writing-time decreases exponentially. I signed with my agent for the fantasy novel The Color Eater, and I look forward to the day my fiction gains as much traction and notice as my non-fiction.

A public reading of The Color Eater.

Completed Works

The Color Eater a novel by Jessica Conoley

The Color Eater – Nevile Fano

I have the phenomenal photographer, Diana King, to thank for the pictures of me scattered though out this website design. (I also have the make up artist, Janelle Wood, for helping me show the best version of myself in those pictures.) I drove to Nashville for my photo shoot, and…
The Color Eater a novel by Jessica Conoley

The Color Eater – First Chapter

Olena Burnwhite is the last known color eater: a rare atypical human whose touch draws energy out of organic matter, draining it of color. Separated from her father as a kid, Lena knows next to nothing about her atypical gift, except that it’s put a target on her back. The Rada—a shadowy police…


Chronos & Chiara a novel by Jessica Conoley

WIP: Chronos & Chiara

The box had decidedly not been there before. Because nothing was allowed her. Nothing of her own. Nothing of theirs. Things could cause harm, and Chiara needed no more ways to harm as she was already labeled a danger.